Essex firefighters rescue stuck bull from ditch

A bull which had been stuck in a ditch for more than a day was rescued by firefighters.

The 1,000kg animal had to be hoisted to safety after it had become trapped in a ditch next to a small bridge in its field at Hatfield Broad Oak in Essex.

A crew from Great Dunmow carried out the rescue about 4pm on Saturday 1 August, with the help of an animal rescue unit dispatched to the scene from Chelmsford.

A vet sedated the bull so the crews could rescue it safely.

Watch manager Gary Wain, from Great Dunmow Fire Station, said: “The bull had apparently been stuck for over a day before we were called, and it was clear he wasn’t going to be able to get himself out as he was stuck right next to a small bridge.

“Thankfully, the bull seemed fine once we got him out and started happily eating the grass even before the crews had got all the straps off him.”

Cows rescued

Meanwhile, in Lamberhurst, Kent Fire and Rescue Service saved six cows that had wandered from their field and become stuck in a muddy ditch on 1 August.

Firefighters and an animal rescue unit were sent to the scene near Tunbridge Wells and pulled the animals to safety using straps and winches.

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