Euro briefs

11 August 2000

Euro briefs

  • TWO of Germanys federal states, Saarland and North Rhine Wetphalia, have called for the reintroduction of the countrys ban on British beef.

    This is in response to the 30% increase in variant CJD in humans in the UK.

    German newspapers report that senior politicians in these states believe the decision to lift the ban last March was premature, suggesting economic interests are being put ahead of food safety.

  • ITALY has suspended the sale and marketing of four varieties of GM maize already approved for use within the EU.

    The move is described as a “precautionary measure” in the light of mounting consumer fear about the products of biotechnology.

    The varieties involved are Bt 11 maize, T25 maize, Mon 809 maize and Mon 810 maize.

  • SWEDISH oilseed rape growers have agreement on a compensation package with Advanta Seeds for having to rip up crops contaminated with GM material, reports Agra-Europe.

    Under the deal, Advanta will pay Kr4500/ha (324/ha) to cover the loss of income and growing costs. The farmers will still qualify for area aid.

  • FRENCH hill farmers have attacked their government for allowing a shift to area payments.

    This is part of the rural development package being evaluated in Brussels.

    The move would exclude over 10% of producers from support, said a statement from main union, the FNSEA.

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