14 September 2001


&#8226 EURO-MPs have called for a full investigation into why the foot-and-mouth crisis has gone on so long and into the cost implications. They have also demanded a full explanation from the council and commission as to why ring-fence vaccination has not been used in the UK and what progress has been made in developing new testing methods and marker vaccines.

&#8226 IRISH farmers have been urged to maintain a state of high alert against F&M, following further outbreaks in Great Britain. Speaking after a meeting of the expert advisory group in Dublin last week, farm minister Joe Walsh said ports and airports were the first line of defence, but farmers were the second line.

&#8226 EU veterinary inspectors will travel to Argentina next month to assess the latest situation on F&M. A favourable outcome could lead to the lifting of the total ban on the countrys beef exports, imposed earlier this year in response to Argentinas worsening F&M problem.

&#8226 FARM ministers from several central and eastern European countries met top EU officials in Prague yesterday (Thursday) for a special BSE summit. With the Czech Republic reporting its first cases of BSE this year and with other candidate countries classified as "likely" to have the disease, they are under pressure to meet EU standards for BSE control. &#42

&#8226 FRANCE has confirmed a fourth suspect case of variant Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease (vCJD) in a 35-year-old citizen. All three previous victims of the brain wasting disease have died.

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