Event visitors see fungicides on trial

5 July 2002

Event visitors see fungicides on trial

GROWERS at the Crops and the Environment event had a chance to see three new fungicides from BASF in CSC CropCare trials in a neighbouring field.

For wheat and barley there is a new mildewicide that will be formulated with fenpropimorph (as in Corbel) in BAS564. "It has Patrol-type knockdown with quinoxyfen-like protection," says Dick Dyason, BASF technical manager for Scotland.

Nicobifen is the second active, code-named BAS510, offering an important alternative to current sclerotinia mainstay vinclozolin, as in Ronilan or Konker, he maintains. "There is a question mark over the future of vinclozolin anyway due to the EU review of pesticides."

Last, but not least, is dimoxystrobin, a new strobilurin formulated with epoxiconazole as BAS507. "Its strengths are on the ear diseases so it will be targeted as an ear-spray and flagleaf top-up product." &#42

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