Ex-Beatle supports anti-milk group

3 September 2001

Ex-Beatle supports anti-milk group

By FWi staff

AN animal welfare group supported by Sir Paul McCartney is targeting children in a bid to stop them drinking milk, reports the Daily Mail.

Members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will descend on school gates in 25 cities as the new term begins, says the paper.

They are aiming to scare children into giving up milk by claiming it can cause spots, obesity, wind and excess mucus.

The campaign was condemned by the head of an East London school.

Tim Benson is quoted as saying it is very regrettable as children are innocent and believe what they are told.

Tom Sanders, professor of nutrition at Kings College London, said there is not a shred of evidence that drinking milk can cause spots.

Ex-Beatles member Paul McCartney is expected to host a party in New York to raise money for the US-based group later this week, the paper says.

It says PETA is also backed by film director Oliver Stone and actress Pamela Anderson.


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