Extra model joins NH telehandler range

20 July 2001

Extra model joins NH telehandler range

NEW Hollands range of telehandlers has a new model in the form of the LM425.

Nestling between the existing 410 and 430, the 425 offers a 3.2t lift capacity to a height of 6m.

The manufacturer has perpetuated its rear engine design and powers the new model with the range-standard 106hp Iveco block.

Seemingly not convinced of the virtues of side-engined machines which allow lower boom pivot points and, as a result, improved operator visibility, New Holland insists the improved weight distribution and direct powerline drive outweigh such advantages.

"With side-mounted engines, there is a distinct loss of power through having to divert engine drive through a series of angles," says product specialist Pierre Lahutte.

Mr Lahutte also points out that the higher boom pivot point on the 400 telehandlers allows the arc of the boom to be used effectively without always needing to extend it.

"When raising a boom with a low pivot point its arc is such that the forward reach of the loader reduces as it is raised," he says. "This means the boom normally has to be extended with a subsequent loss of lift capacity, when loading a trailer, for example."

The 425 specification includes four-wheel steer and a four-speed mechanical transmission with shuttle. Main boom controls are via a joystick operated low oil pressure servo system. The joystick also has electro-hydraulic button control for boom extension and auxiliary hydraulic operations. &#42

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