F&M restrictions makes UK data collection difficult

23 November 2001

F&M restrictions makes UK data collection difficult

By Jessica Buss

THE latest Holstein Interbull proof run shows few changes at the top of the ranking, but UK progeny tested bulls have appeared further down the list despite difficulties collecting data this year.

Elite Mountain Donor and Ricecrest Marshall continue to share first position both with £1 less PLI than in Aug and there are only minor changes to top bulls PLI scores in the Nov ranking.

Collecting type classification data for young sires being proven in the UK has been hampered by foot-and-mouth restrictions, so some have fewer daughters than breeding companies would like, according to ADC.

But two new sires have entered the top 10 proven sires for UK type merit with good PLI figures. Meadowstream Ebony Coni scores 2.72 in his first type merit proof.

This Havep Marconi son is one of only four bulls in the world scoring more than 2.5 for legs and feet, udders and type merit, but with high production, says Cogent. He also offers £46 PIN and £46 PLI, at 84% reliability, which ranks him just outside the top 50 on PLI. His semen is available at £15/dose or sexed at £35/dose.

Genus Jayson is also in the top 10 for type merit with a score of 2.8 and a £44 PLI, at 91% reliability. Genus adds that this Bellwood son is also a cell count improver and semen costs £21/straw.

The highest ranking UK owned newcomer is Cogent Dreadnought with £57 PLI and £54 PIN, at 74% reliability and 2.1 type merit, semen is being sold at £12/dose. &#42

Top 10 available Holstein bulls ranked on PLI (Nov 01)

£PLI £PIN Type merit Supplier Price

Elite Mountain Donor 82 80 -0.2 Semen World £16

Ricecrest Marshall 82 73 1.7 Alta £35

Delta Webster 76 68 1.8 Avoncroft £25

Cogent Fabian 75 78 0.8 Cogent £15

Manat 74 63 3 Dairy Daughters £35

Eastland Festival 74 76 -0.1 Avoncroft £17

Ricecrest Brett 73 76 0.7 Genus £16

Lorak 72 75 1.3 Supersires £25

Monza 71 68 2 Avoncroft £40

Crichel Principal 70 68 1.9 Cogent £18

Ricecrest Lantz 70 70 1.8 Genus £32

*Source: ADC and HUKI

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