F&M statistics

27 July 2001

F&M statistics

&#8226 On average, four new cases of F&M are being confirmed a day.

&#8226 10% of identified cases are still being slaughtered outside the 24-hour government target.

&#8226 4.89m animals have been slaughtered or identified for slaughter – including those within the livestock welfare disposal scheme – according to statistic released by DEFRA on 24 July.

&#8226 Animals have been or are due to be slaughtered at 8868 premises.

&#8226 3.61m animals have been identified for slaughter on infected and contiguous farms with 23,000 awaiting slaughter and 10,000 slaughtered animals remaining to be disposed.

&#8226 Daily average for animals slaughtered and disposed for the week ending 8 July was 7000.

&#8226 2,891,179 sheep, 562,970 cattle, 131,071 pigs and 2295 goats have been slaughtered.

&#8226 Less than one-third of animals slaughtered were on infected premises where the disease was confirmed. Remaining animals were either dangerous contacts, on contiguous farms or slaughtered on suspicion.

&#8226 In the week ending 17 July, 90% of animals on infected premises were slaughtered within 24 hours and 100% by 36 hours.

&#8226 Within the livestock welfare disposal scheme, 1.28m animals have been slaughtered leading to nearly £106m of claims paid to producers. A further 9772 animals registered in the scheme are awaiting slaughter.

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