FABBL crucial for the industry

20 March 1998

FABBL crucial for the industry

IT IS vital that producers sign up with Farm Assured British Beef and Lamb (FABBL), so Assured British Meat (ABM) can build an integrated safety assurance scheme for the meat industry and its products.

Speaking at the event, ABM chairman Lord Linsey said failure to get behind FABBL would make it difficult for the industry to sell the seamless message of safety and wholesomeness.

"ABMs objective – an independent, fully integrated safety assurance scheme – is a crucial priority for the future of the meat industry. We need your commitment to sign up to that. It is an urgent priority for you and your industry."

ABMaims to achieve accreditation within 18 to 24 months by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) as the certifying body for the meat industry.

ABM will then set safety standards for each sector – producers, feed mills, markets, hauliers, abattoirs, processors, and retailers – in the industry.

Independent inspectors will ensure everyone throughout the chain sticks to the rules, Lord Linsay told the audience.

He said ABM aims to sign up 80% of the meat industry to its standards within three years.

"I realise that this is a difficult task. The meat industry is not only one of the largest food chains – with some £14bn of output – but it is also one of the longest with eight or nine links making up the chain between producer and consumer."

However, Lord Linsey said there was widespread support and that safety assurance was needed from farm to plate, and he was determined ABM would succeed in demonstrating that the industry is operating to high standards in this respect. &#42

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