Falcon cutters built with style – Bomford

19 July 2002

Falcon cutters built with style – Bomford

DESIGNED from the ground upward with better build quality and stylish looks, is how Bomford bills its new Falcon hedge cutter range.

Included in the range are machines with 5m, 5.5m and 6m telescopic reaches which can be fitted with straight or parallel arms. To improve visibility for the driver, straight arm models have the option of a 1.5m forward boom.

Easier mounting and removal, says the manufacturer, has been achieved by separating the stabiliser frame from the machine mainframe. A bar coupling system is designed to make fitting and removal a one man operation.

Cosmetic tweaks include a new steel bumper which encloses and protects the road lights, and a lockable front cover for the machines 250lt oil reservoir.

At the business end, all machines are supplied with 32 Pro-Cut flails in either 40mm or 60mm sizes fitted to a double helix rotor shaft.

The spiral shaft, which is housed in a new high tensile steel cowling, is said to ensure smoother running and a cleaner cut.

Other components include cast iron motors/gearboxes and a low friction cable control system.

For those requiring further sophistication, the machines can be equipped with Bomfords electronic Digital Control Unit (DCU). Base price for the Falcon trimmers is £14,285. &#42

Falcon hedge cutters with a maximum reach of 5m, 5.5m and 6m now join Bomfords product portfolio.

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