Farm dumps to be run as landfill

6 September 2002

Farm dumps to be run as landfill

SCOTLANDS farmers will have to run their farm dump as a properly authorised landfill site in the future.

The move is aimed at controlling the disposal of old tyres and machinery, used oil, plastic and spent chemicals.

It is outlined in a consultation paper released by the Scottish Executive as part of its requirement to implement the 1999 European Directive on the Landfill of Waste.

As well as introducing new controls on existing landfill sites, the consultation paper also proposes new regulations on agricultural waste.

"As a first step, farm dumps, where farmers dispose of waste on their own land, will be brought within the regulatory framework structure of landfills," the paper states. Animal carcasses, slurry and manure, however, will not be included.

The consultation paper also makes clear that it is inevitable that there will be a burden on farmers who want to continue to operate farm dumps.

The aim of the new regulations is to manage waste properly in a way that avoids environmental pollution or risks to human health.

Agricultural waste, until now, has been excluded from waste controls across the UK.

According to the Scottish Executive, about two-thirds of all farm waste is disposed of on farm by burial or open burning, with consequential risks to the environment and public health.

"In future, farmers will have the choice of either sending waste off-farm for disposal or disposing of it on farms, which will require a permit or licence," the consultation paper says. &#42

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