Farmer faces trial on virus charges

9 October 2001

Farmer faces trial on virus charges

By Adrienne Francis

THE pig producer whose farm was among the first to go down with foot-and-mouth is to stand trial on 22 charges relating to the disease.

Bobby Waugh, 56, who ran a piggery at Burnside Farm, Heddon-on-the-Wall, Northumberland, will stand trial on 6 May, 2002.

Appearing at Tynedale magistrates court on Monday (8 October), Mr Waugh denied two charges of moving pigs without a licence.

He also denied two charges of failing to maintain animal movement records and two charges relating to false descriptions on transport documents.

Mr Waugh had previously denied the remaining 16 charges.

He appeared in court alongside Leslie Kenneth Scurr, a self-employed haulier from Ripon, North Yorkshire.

Mr Scurr faces 16 charges under the Animal Health Act, 11 of which relate to the alleged offences said to have taken place at Burnside Farm.

He pleaded not guilty to five charges of incomplete transport certificates and four counts of failure to transport animals without delay to their destination.

He also pleaded not guilty to a further two charges of false descriptions on transport documents.

A pre-trial review set for 19 November will decide whether Mr Waugh and Mr Scurr will jointly face charges relating to their alleged offences.

Proceedings against Mr Waughs brother, Ronnie, 60, have been adjourned indefinitely due to his ill health.


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