Farmer sets up gun patrols after dog kills sheep

A farmer who shot a dog after it killed one of his sheep says he is patrolling his land with guns and will shoot again if he has to.

Henry Osborne of Nutley, East Sussex, shot and killed a labrador-whippet cross after it mauled one of his sheep last week.

Mr Osborne said he was forced to take action after the animal became the third of his sheep to be killed by dogs in 10 days, and warned he would not hesitate to use his gun again.

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“We have shot a dog because it attacked and killed one of our sheep,” he told the East Grinstead Courier.

“My son and I will now be walking around with our guns in the forest because this can’t keep happening.”

Mr Osborne, who farms at Lower Misbourne Farm, said he was frustrated by the increasing number of dog attacks that happened on his land each year.

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“People need to realise that dogs, no matter how well trained, are natural killers.

“If you are not 101% sure your dog is under control, you should keep it on a lead at all times,” he said. 

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