Farmer swindles BSE-hitcolleagues out of 50,000

25 August 1998

Farmer swindles BSE-hit
colleagues out of £50,000

A CORNISH farmer has admitted swindling more than £50,000 out of fellow livestock producers during the BSE crisis.

Roger Lampier, of Creegbrawse Farm, Chacewater, took advantage of farmers whose cattle had to be slaughtered, a court at Truro was told. The farmers were compensated according to dead weight but Lampier, who acted as a middle-man, supplied them with false invoices using lower deadweight figures. He then kept the surplus money.

Lampier admitted eight offences of applying false trades descriptions on invoices, and asked for 85 others to be taken into consideration. He will be sentenced later.

  • The Times 25/08/98 page 7

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