Farmer uses bull to thwart Scottish independence sign vandals

A Scottish beef farmer whose No to independence sign was smashed down twice has resorted to painting the message on his 900kg bull to ward off would-be vandals.

Suckler producer Allan Moore’s Whiteside Farm is in the heart of Scottish first minister Alex Salmond’s Aberdeenshire constituency.

Mr Moore told Farmers Weekly that signs in the area had been hit by a spate of vandalism.

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“I put up my sign by the side of the road and within 24 hours it was smashed down and thrown into the middle of my field. So I repaired it and put it up again only to find it was smashed down again the same day.”

no sign vandalised

“All of the No signs around here have been smashed. One farmer nearby is on to his third sign now,” Mr Moore said. “I called the police but they said they couldn’t help.”

He added that he had thought about strengthening the sign before he came up with a plan to enlist the help of his stock bull, Diego.

“I was getting a bit frustrated at what to do. Then it dawned on me that nobody would mess with Diego.”

“Diego is 100% British beef and although he is not a nasty character he can be grumpy.”

“He weighs 900kg so it’s not surprising really that the message is still there and I haven’t seen anybody try to take it down.”

diego no vote bull

Mr Moore said he hoped people would see the move as light-hearted.

“It was all a bit of fun really. Diego won’t be going to the polling station himself because he’s under 16.”

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