Farmers Club chef backs light lamb

9 November 2001

Farmers’ Club chef backs light lamb

By Mike Stones

THE Farmers Club is an enthusiastic supporter of light lamb supplied by leading producer meat initiative Farmers First.

“Excellent quality lamb,” was the verdict of the London-based clubs head chef Don Irwin after he ordered three whole carcasses.

“I was sceptical before the meat arrived because in my 38 years as a chef I had never heard of light lamb. But the quality was first class.

“The portions of leg, shoulder and cutlet we served to a Welsh farmers dining club went down very well.”

He praised the initiative, but advised that different meat cutting techniques would be needed if sales to the catering trade were to be increased.

“We were so impressed we will order more lamb from Farmers First.

“But if the company wants to boost sales into catering outlets, it should contact individual chefs to find out how they would like the meat to be cut.”

Farmers First marketing director Mike Gooding said the company recognised the need for specific butchery and cuts for specific markets.

“Its particularly important for the London restaurant trade, where there is a real opportunity to supply good-quality meat direct from producers.

“This is a market we plan to serve next year when we have the right cutting facilities in place.”

Meanwhile, total orders for the light lamb, promoted by FARMERS WEEKLY, have exceeded 2600, involving over 2500 lamb carcasses.

“The total value of Farmers First light lamb sales now stands at 166,700 and we have raised 5600 for the ARC Addington Fund,” said Mr Gooding.

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