Farmers get the hump with amorous camels

15 May 1998

Farmers get the hump with amorous camels

HORNY camels are threatening the livelihood of farmers in central Australia by smashing through the 3,300 mile anti-dingo fence, built to keep the wild dogs away from sheep stations.

Farmers and patrolmen in charge of the Dog Fence are praying for rain to lure away the amorous beasts as the three-month mating season is about to begin in the countrys Red Centre, the home to several thousand feral camels.

The camels have taken to rampaging across the area for the past four years and are able to break through the fence “like a double-decker bus” when they are on heat.

It is hoped that heavy rains to the fences west would persuade the animals to head off in that direction where the feeding would be good.

  • The Daily Telegraph 15/05/98 page 17

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