Farmers market is a big hit in Somerset

13 March 1998

Farmers market is a big hit in Somerset

THE first Saturday in the month is farmers market day for city shoppers in Bath, Somerset, who are getting into the habit of going along to the open span building adjacent to Green Park station to stock up with farm fresh produce and good home cooking.

The success of pilot study markets held in Bath last year encouraged the city council to establish farmers markets on a regular basis similar to those run in USA which provide direct selling opportunities for small farmers and processors..

Now seasonal fruit and vegetables, preserves, cider and fruit juices; mustards, honey, meat and game, pies and other baked goods are on offer from a maximum of 40 stall-holders whose businesses are within a 35-mile radius.

During the summer months, when more fruit and vegetables are readily available and visitors to the city swell the ranks of shoppers, the market may well be held at fortnightly intervals, says market organiser Sarah May.

Top left: Market gardener

Chris Rich from North End,

Bath, offers a wide choice of

vegetables. Above:Ham is

among the fare offered by

Gill Durman of Somerset

Ducks, North Petherton.

Right: Shoppers study goods

offered by Kitchen Garden Preserves of Stroud.

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