Farming looks to the future

4 December 2001

Farming looks to the future

By FWi staff

AGRIVISION – an event focusing on farmings future – was born when this years Royal Show was cancelled because of the foot-and-mouth crisis.

The two day event, on 5-6 December, at the National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh, is organised by the Royal Agricultural Society of England.

It hopes to tackle issues at the heart of the industry

Taking the exhibitions focus on the food chain, a programme of seminars will provide business-based ideas and solutions to the farming crisis.

It will look in detail at what the market wants, how it is satisfied, welfare and quality assurance issues and how to restore consumer confidence.

Agrivision is being backed by some leading food processors and retailers. Sponsors include Asda, William Morrison Supermarkets and Tesco

Visitors will be provided with advice and specific knowledge of how different systems work and how they could enhance final products.

Leading IT companies will display and demonstrate the latest technology and equipment to show a broad range of farm management software.

IT will be tackled in the seminar programme, which looks at precision farming, how to put IT into practice and how this can boost business profits.

Business advice is also central to Agrivision, utilising the best of UK knowledge and expertise.

Within this area there will be the opportunity to explore non-farming enterprises and how farmers can profit from existing resources.

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