Farming on the TV – a special report

Farming issues typically receive little television coverage, but there has been a wealth of TV programmes on food and agricultural issues during the first two weeks of 2008.


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Channel 4 kicked off the New Year with a series of shows which it billed as ‘The Big Food Fight’.


Hugh’s Chicken Run, presented by chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, claimed to explore “the horrors of intensive chicken farming.”

Chef Jamie Oliver also fronted a programme called Jamies’ Fowl Dinners which aimed to highlight the differences between living conditions for ‘standard’ broiler and battery chickens, ‘enriched cages’, barn, free range and organic birds.


Meanwhile, the controversial Kill, it Cook it, Eat it returned for a new four-show run on BBC3.


This aim of this programme was to uncover the facts about how meat is prepared in the UK – this time focusing on the slaughter of young animals such as milk-fed lambs, veal and suckling pigs.


The programme asked how these animals are raised, where they come from, how they’re killed and gutted and how young is too young when it comes to eating baby animals?



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