Farming pledges from Yeo

7 October 1999

Farming pledges from Yeo

THERE was heated debate at yesterdays Conservative conference in Blackpool over the crises facing rural communities, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Activists accused the government of betraying farmers and rural residents alike.

One delegate won applause for waving a leg of lamb above his head to illustrate the plight of a sheep farmer who took 130 ewes to market and received just 18p.

He told the conference that farmers were not whingeing, they were desperate.

Another delegate to the conference described how a neighbour had to sell six calves for 79p.

Tim Yeo, the shadow agriculture spokesman, promised to repeal a number of measures planned by Labour.

These included “right to roam” laws, a pesticides tax and a climate change levy.

He also pledged to lift the ban on beef on the bone immediately if it was still in force, and to block the import of pigmeat produced under conditions illegal in Britain.

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