Fed up top cattle breeder set to quit UK for move to Canada

2 April 1999

Fed up top cattle breeder set to quit UK for move to Canada

By Isabel Davies

A LEADING Hants cattle breeder is selling up and preparing for a new life in Canada with his family.

Michael Faulkner of Norton Farm at Selborne will sell all 260 of his prize-winning Holstein dairy herd in two sales later this month before making the move to farm abroad.

The collapse in milk prices, increasing production costs and red tape have been the final prompt for Mr Faulkner to take himself, his wife Jane and their son Barney on the 3500 mile journey to Ontario, where they hope to buy a farm.

"The move to Canada is something I have always wanted to do but there is no doubt that the economic climate in the UK at the moment makes now seem the right time.

"The main reason for going is because my ability and interest lies in the breeding of quality Holsteins. And the beef ban in this country prevents us from exporting live cattle or embryos abroad which is what I am trying to market," said Mr Faulkner.

He said it would be easier to farm in Canada because more people were involved in rural activities and so had more of an understanding of agriculture. In addition, compared to the UK, the milk price is higher and the costs of production and living both lower.

The sale of Mr Faulkners Fielders herd will take place in April at Kirkby Thore in Cumbria and at Berkeley in Glos. &#42

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