Feed a multitude with small lamb unit

15 January 1999


Spot the cow by ankle strap style

PICK out cows needing treatment from the parlour pit using brightly coloured ankle straps from County Durham-based Cox.

Available in four bright colours, the pack of 24 Velcro-adjusted ankle straps comes complete with an in-parlour recording board so dairymen can keep their own records. Each colour is used to identify a different condition or treatment.

Standard packs of board and straps cost £47.88 and sets of six additional straps can be bought for £6.81. Available direct or from distributors nationwide (01207-529000, fax 01207-529966).

Abortion dose to cut tissue damage

AT the first sign of enzootic abortion call your vet, then treat ewes with Engemycin 10% DD Farm Pack, says Intervet UK.

The product, containing oxytetracylcine, comes in a new non-breakable bottle and has a specially designed injector to cut the long-term tissue damage usually associated with such treatments, says the firm.

Engemycin costs £1.10 a ewe, based on a single dose against enzootic abortion. The injector costs £10 and is available from vets (01223-420221, fax 01223-420751).

Feed a multitude with small lamb unit

UP to 40 orphan or surplus lambs on replacement milk powder can be fed using the all-in-one milk heater and feeder Ewe 2 from Volac.

With a 25-litre (5 gal) capacity, the bucket style feeder uses a heated outer water lining to prepare milk replacer, which can remain fresh for up to 24 hours. The small unit comes complete with silicone tubing and teats for young lambs or harder red teats for older lambs.

Available from distributors nationwide and complete with a 5kg bag of Volacs Lamlac, Ewe 2 costs £129.95 (01223-207885, fax 01223-207629).

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