Feed prices fall as wheat plummets

By Poultry World staff

RATION costs are down around £3-4 a tonne this month after further falls in raw material costs.

Feed wheat has dropped to its lowest price this season, and incidentally for at least 5 years, as Sterling strengthened against the major European currencies.

The market is almost entirely governed by competitiveness with other member states and there is about 0.7m tonnes left to export, calculates the HGCA.

The current green rate is now 6% above the “market” rate, and could trigger a revaluation in early May if maintained at this level, which would cause a reduction in UK intervention prices.

Soya has been dropping fast as well, and is down £24 since last month. Early forecasts for the 98 US crop are about 2 million tonnes higher than last year.

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