Feed wheat will reward

25 September 1998

Feed wheat will reward

THE best barn filling feed wheat should be more rewarding than top added value biscuit types, at all yields and prices above 7t/ha (2.8t/acre) and £55/t, claims breeder Advanta.

Using NIAB data and costings from John Nixs Farm Management Pocketbook, the firms gross margin analysis shows that at £60-80/t Savannah outstrips Consort and Claire by £3-12/ha (£1.20-4.85/acre). The firm calculates that if the assumed £2/t biscuit premium on the latter varieties is not achieved, a 10t/ha (4t/acre) crop of the feed variety will, at £80/t, deliver an extra £32/ha (£12.95/acre).

Often in the past the biggest heap of grain has been the most profitable, notes marketing manager Paul Hickman. "This calculation goes to show that at a time when premiums are scarce and prices low, that is still the case." &#42

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