Feed wins accreditation

15 March 2002

Feed wins accreditation

MOIST feeds can now be sourced from a supplier which is accredited under the UKASTA Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) to help meet the needs of livestock farm assurance schemes.

The first UK feed suppliers to be awarded UFAS accreditation under new standards for moist feeds is James & Son, which led the development of the Code of Practice for the supply, storage and packaging of moist feeds.

The accreditation means James & Son can show traceability from the point of production to the point of delivery, says the companys Robert Hall.

"Although there is an increase in costs, our commitment and investment in new storage systems, vehicles, tankers, and cleaning systems, ensures a trusted system for feed safety."

James & Son adds that it is now important for all moist feed suppliers to gain this certification, and not ride on the back of a dry feed assurance accreditation. &#42

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