Fertility boost for high indexing herd

28 August 1998

Fertility boost for high indexing herd

USE the liquid supplement Genus SureHold to improve fertility in high indexing dairy cows, says the company.

Containing a high energy component, essential minerals and a mix of 25 amino acids to meet the needs of high indexing cows, SureHold can be given to cows awaiting AI or embryo transfer via drinking water, in feed or as an oral drench.

Containing chelate minerals to avoid rapid breakdown in the rumen, independent trials using SureHold found an increase in conception rates to first service from 54 to 70%. Also, Genus embryo transfer trials saw the number of viable eggs/flush increase from 4.1 to six eggs/flush, says the company.

Genus SureHold is available in a single-cow programme at £12.50 (2 x125ml bottles) or 10-cow programme at £100 (2.5 litre can). Dosing guns retail for £25 (01270-536584, fax 01270-536601).

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