Few concerns over transport in UK

7 August 1998

Few concerns over transport in UK

UNDERSTOCKING and too steep ramps are the main concerns in sheep transport, according to MLC-funded research by Cambac, which is better known for its pig work.

Cambac researcher David Bond told event visitors that work had focused on lambs arriving at markets and abattoirs during autumn and spring – a total of 704 loads.

"The overall conclusion was that sheep transport within the UK is pretty good, there are no real problems to worry about.

"Hauliers felt they would like more guidance about transporting sheep, but that would mean imposing hard and fast rules."

Throughout the survey, space allowances met recommendations, although Mr Bond said that more use needed to be made of partitions, particularly in trailers. "Often only a few sheep are transported in these, and understocking can lead to bruising in transit; use the partition where possible."

Another concern was that some ramps exceeded the 30í recommendation. "We found that over 70% of containers had at least one ramp over 30í – one had an internal ramp of 58í." &#42

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