Fewer hose woes

2 August 2002

Fewer hose woes

HANDLING lay-flat hoses manually can be backbreaking, time consuming work, says Cheshire-based Spreadwise.

With this in mind, the company has now developed a hydraulically powered reeler which can be attached to a tractors front linkage or weight frame – the latter via a quick-hitch A-frame.

Called the Compact Reeler, the unit can unroll or wind-in up to 500m of 10cm diameter lay-flat hose or a shorter length of 13cm hose.

To unroll a pipe the tractor drives forwards or backwards with the reel allowed to free wheel accordingly. Rewinding pipe calls for the units hydraulic motor, with its chain drive to the reel, to be engaged.

The Compact Reeler can be used in combination with a rear-mounted reel for handling long lengths of hose – or as a separate entity for smaller hose laying jobs. Price of the Compact Reeler is £2000. &#42

On a roll…the Compact Reeler is built to roll or unroll 10cm diameter lay-flat hoses up to 500m long.

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