Field and office software

12 June 1998

Field and office software

TWO new products from computer software supplier Pear Technology aim to ease field management and record-keeping.

The Crop Store Monitor module allows crop temperature, moisture and other details needed for crop assurance schemes to be recorded quickly and easily as often as required.

GPS Maps is a hand-held field data logger which shows position relative to an outline field map on a touch-sensitive screen. Nematode and soil nutrient sampling points can be entered, plus weed patch outlines and other field factors. Data can be transferred to MAPS4 mapping software in the office.

Pears Fieldman Crop Management software costs from £495, including Store Monitor. Cost of the data logger will be less than £3000. MAPS4 costs £440. &#42


uCHOOSE blight fungicides with care to ensure the disease is controlled as effectively as possible, urges supplier Headland. "Not all formulations are the same," says the companys Julian Berry. "There can be physical variations between products which affect ease of use and fungicide performance, and there can also be differences in spray intervals and buffer zones."

uTRAINEE science teachers have been targeted by the British Agro-chemicals Association with the launch of a teaching pack Good Earth – the Science of Arable Farming. In two sections, it covers both crop nutrition and crop protection and targets the "life processes and living things" section of the National Curriculum. Free copies produced jointly by the BAA and the Fertiliser Manufacturers Association. &#42

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