Field to road ease

4 June 1999

Field to road ease

CHANGING from field work to transport position with Concepts SpeedTill cultivator is now even easier following the introduction of a hydraulic system. An automatic locking device ensures that the operator does not have to leave the cab.

The cultivator, which comprises two rows of spring tines, a crumbler roller, a second set of tines and then a another roller, is suspended from a frame at its central point, allowing it to be pivoted in to work and transport positions.

The same drawbar, wheels and hydraulics used for trailing in the field are also used for transport on the road.

Available as a retro-fit unit, the Swing frame can, says Concept, be attached to any SpeedTill over 3m wide for a price of £4800. Total price including the 4m SpeedTill is £12,400.

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