Fightback against poultry imports

6 October 1999

Fightback against poultry imports

POULTRY producers meet today to discuss how to fight back against cheap imports undermining the industry.

In an interview with Radio 4s Farming Today programme, meeting organiser John Parsons of the NFU said the UK faces unfair competition.

This came particularly from southern hemisphere countries, he said.

“The UK is competitive, and has reduced production costs dramatically over the years.

“But we cannot compete with countries where their infrastructure and labour costs are infinitely lower than ours and I dont believe their standards are anything like the same.

“The consumer cant tell where much of this product is from, once it ends up in a pretty box, as chicken Kiev or whatever.

“There is no indication at all of where the primary poultry meat came from.”

Mr Parsons said much clearer labelling was required and believed this message was hitting home with the government.

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