Final analysis

31 October 1997

Final analysis

Well, here they are – the final results. The table lists 23 areas, each scored out of a possible five marks. The higher the value the better.

The first section shows scores from the DLG in line with results of its technical measurements. The second and third sections are testers subjective marks in various areas. The final line shows weighted averages, and thus the finishing positions.

Why weighting? Because areas like the cab, engine and noise have a bigger effect than others on the way these tractors suit their natural arable habitat. Given this, adding any tractors table scores and averaging the result will not produce the final line.

Its also worth noting that every score in sections 2 and 3 is an average, produced by combining individual driving team totals. These values are completely subjective, ie based on testers opinion. DLG measurements are not included.

DLG tests looked closely at engine power, hydraulic power, lift capacity, noise and turning circle.

Case Claas Deutz FendtJDMFNH

1. DLGscores


Hydr power3.

Lift capty5.


Turn circle2.

2. Testers scores


Gear shift3.





Elect. switches2.

Hydraulic controls3.



Diff locks3.7-

Trailer coupling4.



Overall impression2.

3. Weighted final score

£/max pto hp363474–363406380


1. Where appropriate, the areas above are made up of several things. For instance, the cab section pulls in marks given separately for the seat, stowage, visibility, heating, ventilation and other relevant cab bits; steering includes effort, wheel adjustment, turns from lock to lock; maintenance draws in daily and periodic checks.

2. The Claass brakes have no score as the test tractor had problems in that area.

3. DLG engine scores condense marks for characteristics, fuel consumption etc.

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