Fine for the chop

5 July 2002

Fine for the chop

FROM Terrington Machinery comes news of a straw-chopper which can reduce the length of straw to between 1cm and 4cm.

Designed to produce bedding for poultry houses, the Spain-built Tatoma E-225 can process both round and square bales.

For loading, a rear ramp is lowered into a horizontal position and the machine reversed to push the bale on board. The ramp is then raised to place it in the hold where hydraulically powered chain and slats drive the bale in to the chopping mechanism.

This comprises a rotating disc liberally equipped with serrated mower sections which chop in to the straw. All pretty conventional so far – it is a system used by several manufacturers of straw choppers/spreaders.

The E-225 differs in the use of a screen which surrounds the chopping disc which, through the use of small holes, only allows finely chopped straw to pass through and be exited through the units chute.

Spreading distance is claimed to be up to 20m and, depending on the dryness of the straw, a process rate of a bale every two minutes is said to be possible.

Available in both trailed and tractor mounted versions, price of the Tatoma E-225 starts at £7500. &#42

Finely chopped straw for use as bedding in poultry houses is possible with the Tatoma E-225 marketed by Terrington Machinery.

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