Fine quality Ulster stock back areas local food drive

22 May 1998

Fine quality Ulster stock back areas local food drive

By Ann Rogers

LIVESTOCK classes at the Royal Ulster Agricultural Societys Balmoral Show were well supported with more than 2000 entries of pigs, sheep and cattle.

The quality of the stock forward was a good advertisment for local produce and supported the Ulster Farming Unions initiative promoting local food to local retailers and consumers.


INTERBREED W Campbells Limousin cow, Ballycreelly Lockett; res, Millar and Hendersons Charolais bull, Maeroy Jehu.

ABERDEEN ANGUS R Campbells Victoria of Drumlister; res, R Campbells Ballamanaugh Estefan.

HEREFORD M/S Haires Dorepoll 1 Perfection Poll; res, J McMordies Solpoll 1 Powerful.

CHAROLAIS Millar & Hendersons Maeroy Jehu; res, G Allens Stirling Jonquille.

SIMMENTAL W A Weatherups Ballyvallough Faith; res, J Campbells Camus Gentle Annie.

LIMOUSIN W Campbells Ballycreelly Lockett; res, Draperhill & Maddens Melbourne.

BLONDE DAQUITAINE F J Mullans Mir; res, F J Mullans Ganaway Louisa.

BELGIAN BLUE A Clelands Ballee Kaleidoscope; res, A Craigs Woodview Nevin.

ROMAGNOLA – Class withdrawn.


INTERBREED The Fleming Familys Jersey cow, Mooncrest Imperial Lade; res, &#42 R and J W Sufferns Ayrshire cow, Ravenhill Ethel 230.

DAIRY SHORTHORN K S Workmans Whitefalls Duchess Strawberry 5; res, K S Workmans Whitefalls Broadhooks Fairy 7.

AYRSHIRE &#42 R & J W Sufferns Ravenhill Ethel 230; res, &#42 R & J W Sufferns Ravenhill Queen 127.

JERSEY The Fleming Familys Mooncrest Imperial Lady; res, The Fleming Familys Potterswalls Whalenabelle.

HOLSTEIN S McCormicks Medway Supreme Maude; res, J & C Stevensons Brownfold Starz Emerald.


INTERBREED T & J Baileys Suffolk ram; res, J Aikens BorderLeicester ram.

BORDER LEICESTER J Aikens ram; res, D Mawhinneys ewe.

SUFFOLK T & J Baileys ram; res, W Taits ram lamb.

TEXEL A Cochranes ram; res, T J Carson & Sons shearling ewe.

ILE DE FRANCE W I Hanthorns ewe; res, D Mulligans ram.

BLUEFACED LEICESTER A & J Minniss ewe; res, McCormick Brothers ewe lamb.

BLACKFACE R Lougherys shearling ewe; res, A B Carsons shearling ewe.

GREYFACE A J Armstrongs ewe; res, J R Lougherys shearling ewe.

HAMPSHIRE DOWN A McCarthys ram lamb; res, J R Smyths ram.

NORTH COUNTRY CHEVIOT S Armstrongs ewe; res, D Robinsons shearling ram.

DORSET HORN AND POLL T J Carson & Sons ewe lamb; res, A Flemings ewe lamb.

ROUGE DE LOUEST J & &#42 Stewarts ram; res, J & L Browns ewe.

CHAROLLAIS Christie & Bells ewe; res, Christie & Bells shearling ewe.

BELTEX W McCrabbes shearling ewe; res, W McCrabbes shearling ram.


INTERBREED A E Martins Large White senior sow; res, R A Overends Landrace senior boar.

LARGE WHITE A E Martins senior sow; res, A E Martins senior boar.

LANDRACE R A Overends senior boar; res, W Gabbies junior boar.

Pig interbreed championship went to AE Martins Large White senior sow.

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