Finnish drill makes UK start

28 June 2002

Finnish drill makes UK start

A NEW brand of drill is now available in the UK – the Finland-sourced Simulta drill is being marketed by Forfar-based AM Phillips.

In a 3m working width, the Simulta is designed to be used in a minimal-till regime and can, says the maker, be used on cultivated stubble or directly into ploughing.

A trailed unit, a pre-drill cultivation section comprises a set of semi-rigid tines which loosen and level the soil. To cater for different soil conditions it is possible to fit different tine types.

For the Scottish market the Simulta is available as a combination seed and fertiliser drill – the 3390kg capacity hopper is divided in two to supply seed and fertiliser via two fluted roller metering systems.

Differing from other combination drills which employ one coulter to apply seed and fertiliser, this drill provides separate coulters for each.

Two banks of disc coulters with spacings of 25cm precede two more banks of coulters to place seed at 12.5cm spacing. One line of fertiliser supplies two lines of seed.

The whole drill is supported on a row of rubber, chevron grooved tyres which also provide depth control – a stop point is set manually so that it lowers to a required coulter depth. A set of spring tines at the rear of the drill level and cover the seed.

AM Phillip says that a 4m version could be available in the future but it is conscious that such a drills transport width could be a limiting factor on its sales potential. Price of the 3m Simulta drill is £22,500. &#42

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