First GM loaf within three years

15 January 2001

‘First GM loaf within three years’

By FWi staff

THE worlds first genetically modified loaf of bread could be on supermarket shelves within three years, reports The Independent.

GM wheat is being developed by biotechnology company Monsanto which, the newspaper claims, intends to market the US-grown product in Europe.

This would meet with fierce opposition from environmentalists and the organic food industry.

The Independent predicts this could be one of the most controversial issues in global agriculture, as wheat is a staple in Europe.

Monsanto confirmed that US trials are taking place and US farmers can begin to grow their first crop from 2003.

The first GM wheat will be engineered to include a gene resistant to Monsantos Roundup pesticide.

In its editorial, The Independent says consumers should not be afraid of a GM loaf, but recognise that it is qualitatively different from what went before.

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