First season with wrappers aplenty

7 June 2002

First season with wrappers aplenty

ASTWELL Augers, the Northants-based company that bought Dowdeswells bale wrapper range last year, is entering its first season with new round and square bale models, and the import agency for an orbital-type wrapper.

"Apart from setting up production and introducing a number of detail improvements, our biggest challenge has been convincing the trade we are serious about grass equipment," says Astwell director Richard Jones. "Our presence at Grassland with new and improved models proves we are committed to the market."

Astwell produces both tractor-mounted and trailed wrappers, with joystick electronic and infrared remote control available for the first time. The new T865 model, which has four rather than just two driven and self-aligning rollers on the turntable, is the first model capable of wrapping both square and round bales.

Astwell has taken on the import agency for Agronic orbital wrappers. &#42

from Finland to complement its range of table wrapping machines. Core model is the 1520, a trailed twin axle wrapper using twin satellite film dispensing arms that can work automatically when the machine is towed behind a baler.

Richard Jones with the Astwell T865 square/ round bale wrapper machine.

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