Five-furrow reversible

30 October 1998

Five-furrow reversible

POTTINGER has topped out its reversible plough range with the introduction of a five furrow model, the Servo Nova IV-E 5.

Rated to 170hp, the new plough is in a 4+1 format with a 95cm (3.1ft) interbody spacing and 80cm (2.7ft) underbeam clearance for working in heavy trash.

As on other models in the Servo Nova range, setting up is by means of the companys Servomatic system – which involves a tape measure, reference to a table and two turn buckle adjustments – and the specification includes Pottingers auto-reset leg system.

The latter consists of a graduated trip pressure setting which activates once the pressure, pre-set at a central adjustment point, is exceeded. As the pressure reduces, so the leg is raised over the obstruction, with hydraulic pressure increasing again once the leg is lowered.

For working in very heavy conditions, the rear bodies can be removed independently of the main one piece beam and other standard features include tapered adjustable roller bearings on the turn over shaft.

Price of the Servo Nova IV-E 5, which is also available with hydraulically variable furrow width adjustment, is £13,990, including skimmers, discs and combi-wheel.

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