Five rotors add extra output to mow capacity

23 August 2002

Five rotors add extra output to mow capacity

MOWING outputs of up to 61ha a day (150 acres) are claimed to be possible with Spearheads latest 620 mower which has a 6.2m cutting width.

The five-rotor mower employs 15 high lift blades designed to cut and mulch grass and scrub up to 50mm in diameter.

Use of extra blades, says Spearhead, give a finer chop and a more even spread of cut material compared with three rotor/two blade arrangements.

Power is transmitted to the rotors using a six-gearbox driveline, each protected by a slip clutch.

Folding to a 2.8m transport width, the 620 sports independent rubber suspension on each wheel to enable bump-free road transport, says the company.

Spearheads other latest offering is a 2m scrub cutter built to be mounted on a reverse drive or standard type tractor.

Aptly named the Destroyer, the mower is designed to reduce scrub to oblivion using three 9kg blades powered by a 150hp gearbox running at 1000rpm.

When operated in a "push configuration" on a reverse drive tractor, Spearhead claims the mower can cut heavy brush and saplings up to 15cm (6in) in diameter. Price of the Destroyer is £5875, while the 620 mower costs £16,945. &#42

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