Five-step IPM plan aims to hit rodents

10 January 1997

Five-step IPM plan aims to hit rodents

INTEGRATED management has found its way into rodent control with the launch of a comprehensive integrated pest management programme by Antec International.

The companys IPM programme is a five-step plan, devised to provide effective rodent control. The key steps are:

lStep 1 – Inspection: Thorough assessment of the site, pinpointing areas of particular attraction to rodents and identifying entry points, runs and potential sources of food, water and shelter.

lStep 2 – Identification: Antec explains that it is important to identify the enemy, since each rodent has its own patterns of behaviour, upon which baiting strategies will depend. As well as rodent sightings, droppings, rub marks, types of damage and size of burrows can all help.

lStep 3 – Sanitation: Remove any food source, tidying up of weeds, branches and accumulated rubbish, and general site cleaning.

lStep 4 – Rodent proofing: The most effective way of to control rodents in buildings is to make sure they cannot enter in the first place. Buildings must be rodent-sealed wherever possible, eliminating holes, gaps and other openings.

lStep 5 – Baiting: this should only begin once steps 1-4 have been completed. The type of bait to use depends on the severity of the infestation. For a heavy infestation – often indicated by rats being seen in daylight – a quick knock-down is indicated as a first move. ZP Rodent Pellets are an acute bait suitable for the first week of a baiting programme. This should then be removed, says the firm, and Antecs anticoagulant range of Tomcat Pellets and Blox brought in to kill remaining rodents.

Any bait must offer good palatability and avoid the problems of resistance and bait shyness. Antec claims its Tomcat range has such good palatability that rodent acceptance rates as high as 70-80% are often achieved.

The IPM rodent control programme is available from Antec International (01787-377305) or on the World Wide Website: &#42

Deploy every tactic possible to combat farm rats, advises Antec International. Baiting should only be used as a last resort and bait type chosen with care.

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