Flexible trailer can do many jobs on the farm

16 January 1998

Flexible trailer can do many jobs on the farm

USING a monocoque body design with side extensions has enabled compact trailer manufacturer Turfmech Machinery to develop a multi-purpose, high-tip trailer.

Developed for use with tractors in the 25-50hp range, the Multi-Trailer has a capacity of 2t and can be used as a flat-bed, general-purpose or bulk-tipping trailer.

"Although the trailer was developed initially for golf courses, there are many situations on farms, at stables and in fruit growing environments where the Multi-Trailer can be put to good effect," explains Turfmechs Austin Jarrett.

As a general-purpose trailer, the standard monocoque body measures 2.5m (8.2ft) long, 1.25m (4ft) wide and 30cm (12in) high and offers a 0.94cu m (1.22cu yd) capacity. As a bulk carrier, the trailer is fitted with 0.9m (2.9ft) high sides to achieve a capacity of 3.8cu m (5cu yd).

Making a flat-bed from a one-piece monocoque body requires a more practical approach; the bulk sides are laid horizontally over the tipping body, and the result is a bed which is much wider than the tipping body at 1.82m (6ft).

Load height of the flat-bed is 0.98m (38in) from the ground, but relocating the axle to an optional secondary position can lower this distance by a further 16cm (6.5in).

In all guises, the Multi-Trailer can be used as a high-lift trailer, raising its chassis on a hydraulic parallel linkage by a further 0.85m (33.5in), for loading or tipping into hoppers.

The Multi-Trailer costs £2600.

Using Turfmechs Multi-Trailer as a flat-bed requires the 0.9m high bulk sides to be repositioned horizontally over the standard monocoque body.

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