Flockmasters stand proud

19 July 2002

Flockmasters stand proud

By Jeremy Hunt

North-west correspondent

BUMPER crowds and a full programme of livestock classes – including some outstanding parades among the 26 scheduled sheep breeds – confirmed the Great Yorkshire Shows popularity.

Yorkshire has strength in its sheep sector with flockmasters from far beyond the county boundary supporting the show classes. What resulted was a formidable display of stock clearly demonstrating the diversity and quality of the northern sheep sector put before the judges.

Breeders of Shetland and Hebridean sheep – no longer classified as rare and whose commercial value is fast being widely recognised – welcomed the chance to compete in breed classes, as did the massive black-and-white Zwartbles.

But the interbreed competition saw mainstream breeds dominate, with a stylish Blue-faced Leicester ram from David Cruikshanks flock at Castle Douglas taking the overall title.

Mr Cruikshank, fresh from his reserve pairs championship win at the Royal, lost his flock in the foot-and-mouth crisis. Fortunately he managed to buy back some sheep bred from his own bloodlines, from which emerged his Harrogate title winner. In reserve spot was a Suffolk shearling ram from the Yewdall family from York, who have bought a large portion of veteran Yorks breeder Jack Bulmers Malton flock.

The points judging system in the interbreed beef championship may be fair, but it is long-drawn out and rather takes the edge off the competition. Emerging with the highest score – and making it a first ever win for the breed here – was Hexham-based Paragon Blondes with the Blonde dAquitaine cow Withybrook Orchid.

This small herd, run by vets Stuart Mullan and Will Christie was also a victim of foot-and-mouth. Their winner was a 5200gns restocking purchase bought at Carlisle earlier this year. She won as a heifer at a previous Royal Show and had stood interbreed leader at North- umberland County. Orchid was suckling a powerful calf by Hackleton Millars.

The supreme dairy title went to Paul and Belinda Rawcliffe of Annan and Richard Lancaster from Skipton with their four-year-old Comestar Lee daughter Almondene Lee Angel.

One familys domination of the pig lines at the Great Yorkshire Show continued this year. Three generations of the Gregory dynasty are still involved in their successful Large White and Large Black herds at Selby.

At the helm were William and Linda Gregory, who lifted interbreed honours with a Large White gilt from their famous Poplarburn Queen Mary family. Judge G Hinks from Dorset described the interbreed championship as the highest quality parade of pigs he had judged for many years. "The champion is pure perfection in a Large White," said Mr Hinks.



Interbreed P & G Rawcliffes Holstein cow Almondene Lee Angel; res, Ravenfield Jerseys Jersey cow Ravenfield Dannys Florence.

Holstein P & G Rawcliffes cow Almondene Lee Angel; res, Bromstead Hill Farms cow Helmcrest Jed Maria.

Dairy Shorthorn J C Haywards cow Hooton Fairy Duchess 25; res, G G Baynes & Sons heifer Marleycote Pamela 9.

Ayrshire G G Baynes & Sons cow Larberry Concord Brown Lady 2; res, G G Baynes & Sons cow Rottington Marigold 74.

Jersey Ravenfield Jerseys cow Ravenfield Dannys Florence; res, Pavenham Jerseys cow Pavenham Iben 3.


Interbreed Paragon Blondes Blonde dAquitaine cow Withybrook Orchid; res, G & L Brooks Aberdeen Angus bull Johan of Bon Lea.

Junior championship C Fletchers Aberdeen-Angus bull Mosston Muir Proud George; res, Bob Lunnesss Simmental bull Brinkton Mike.

Native championship G & L Brooks Aberdeen Angus bull Johan of Bon Lea; res, N J & A M Barretts Beef Shorthorn bull Uppermill Beggar.

Beef Shorthorn N J & A M Barretts bull Uppermill Beggar; res, W McGowans heifer Fingask Roslyn Crocus.

Lincoln Red W W Harrison & Sons bull Hemmingby Optimist; res, C L Bembridges heifer Anwick Hannah C20.

Aberdeen-Angus G & L Brooks bull Johan of Bon Lea; res, D & P Evans heifer Tree Bridge Polly Pride.

Hereford J B Henrys bull Onondaga Pure Gold; res, J B Henrys Onondaga Twinkle.

Galloway A McMillans cow Marbrack Ruffle; res, A McMillans heifer Greenloop Jewel.

Belted Galloway F Stuarts cow Mochrum Gardenia; res, J McTurks cow May Bluebell.

Highland E T Halfords cow Kate of Kipper Lynn; res, A Barughs heifer Banrigh of Easton.

South Devon D L Irvings heifer Enterprise Jonquil; res, Broome & Fords bull Welland Valley King Lear 13.

Longhorn D & A Blockleys bull Southfield Aristocrat; res, A Giffords heifer Waltham Holly.

Dexter S Sykes cow Hill Grove Jan; res, J D Dawsons heifer Lonsdale Graces Pearl.

Charolais T Nesbitt & Sons bull Maerdy Primeminister; res, T Nesbitt & Sons heifer Alwent Peregrine 27.

Simmental Bob Lunnesss cow Brinkton Melodys Gem; res, R Lunnesss bull Brinkton Mike.

Limousin Millington Grange Estates cow Gaich Nutcracker; res, Millington Grange Estates bull Woodhouse Prince.

Blonde dAquitaine Paragon Blondes cow Withybrook Orchid; res, A Halls cow Hallmark Roxanne.

Belgian Blue J F Brass & J A Bellass heifer Tamhorn Silver Belle; res, R &#42 Masons bull Wold Newton Rambo.

Salers C A Foxs cow Campsmount Nova; res, Rigel Pedigrees bull Sagitaire.


Interbreed D Cruikshanks Bluefaced Leicester ram; res, L & L Yewdalls Suffolk shearling ram

Longwool sire D Cruikshanks Blue-faced Leicester ram; res, R Pedleys Wensleydale shearling ram.

Hill sire R S & E A Peers Herdwick; res, N I Allonbys Scottish Blackface shearling ram.

Longwool ewe A G & D Bissets Blue-faced Leicester aged ewe; res, K & R Hardings Lincoln Longwool yearling ewe.

Hill ewe J C Pickards Lonk ewe lamb; res, J Bradleys Swaledale ewe.

Terminal sire (male) C Marwoods Charollais shearling ram; res, T Nesbitt & Sons Texel shearling ram.

Terminal sire (female) L & L Yewdalls Suffolk shearling ewe; res, T Nesbitt & Sons Texel.

Teeswater A Fishers ewe; res, D & G C Newboulds ram.

Blue-faced Leicester D Cruikshanks ram; res, A G & D Bissets aged ewe.

Lincoln Longwool K & R P Hardings yearling ewe; res, Robert Watts shearling ram.

Wensleydale B Metcalfes shearling ewe; res, R Pedleys shearling ram.

Bleu du Maine J McInness Skinners ewe; res, T & E Goldies ram.

Suffolk L & L Yewdalls shearling ram; res, L & L Yewdalls shearling ewe.

Oxford Down &#42 W Watsons ewe; res, C G Watson & C J Grains ewe.

Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset P Laws ram lamb; res, P Laws ewe.

Ryeland R P Wears ram; res, R P Wears shearling ewe.

Texel T Nesbitt & Sons shearling ram; res, K A Campbells ewe lamb.

Charollais C Marwoods shearling ram; res, A J Coulson & Sons ewe.

Vendeen R N Howie & Partners ewe; res, R N Howie & Partners ram lamb.

Scottish Blackface P Turnbulls shearling gimmer; res, N I Allonbys shearling ram.

Beltex G & S Dalrymples ewe; res, C Hutchinson & K Buckles ram.

North Country Cheviot K O & E A Stones ewe; res, K O & E A Stones ram.

Derbyshire Gritstone J C Pickards ewe lamb; res, J C Pickards ram.

Lonk J C Pickards ram; res, J C Pickards ewe lamb.

Swaledale M R Lawsons ewe; res, J Bradleys ewe.

Whitefaced Woodland J T & T A Wighams ewe; res, J T & T A Wighams ewe.

Dalesbred J M Wilson & Sons ewe; res, J M Wilson & Sons ram.

Herdwick T G & V M Graves ewe; res, R S & E A Peers ram.

Shetland P Snowdons ram; res, D J Spenceleys shearling ewe.

Lleyn Denoak Livestocks ram; res, D J Steens shearling ewe.

Hebridean C G & K E Heeleys ewe; res, V Masons ram.

Jacob C P Moorhouse & R J Sleightholmes ram; res, J Dodsworths shearling ewe.

Zwartbles M J Sands ewe; res, C E Calders ram.

Mule W C Porters gimmer lambs.


Interbreed A Gregory & Sons Large White sow Poplarburn Queen Mary 118; res, A & F Warriners Welsh sow Blencathra Theresa 32.

Large Black P & L Waddingtons sow Lowerdale Black Lady; res, A Gregory & Sons Poplarburn Defender 32.

British Saddleback K & K Matthews sow Lowpark Silverwing 128; res, J & J R Appletons board Rainbarrow Stockbroker 28.

Welsh A & F Warriner Blencathra Theresa 32; res, C D Vaughans sow Vinery Empress.

Middle White G W Parkers boar Cestrian Revival 3; res, S J Richardsons boar Tyldesley Rajah.

Gloucester Old Spot P & L Waddingtons sow Lowerdale Bluebell; res, M Renshaws sow Tennyson Princess Mary 479.

Any Other Pure Breed A Gregory & Sons sow Poplarburn Queen Mary 118; res, AGregory &Sons gilt Poplarburn Greta 64. &#42

Top points…Blonde dAquitaine cow Withybrook Orchid took the interbreed beef title after a drawn-out judging session.

Champion in the Wensleydale section was BMetcalfes shearling ewe.

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