Flurry of slurry gear

25 February 2000

Flurry of slurry gear

DEMAND from organic farmers for natural fertilisers and increasing economic and environmental pressures have created an increase in systems to separate liquids and solids in slurries.

Braintree-based Carier Pollution Control has now produced a range of slurry separators to provide a choice of 1000mm or 400mm screen widths and a further choice of screen type – a perforated type for thicker slurries and a newly developed wedgewire screen for thinner slurries.

Carier has also introduced a new method of applying pressure on the screen by using two rollers which share a common support. This, says the company, results in more accurate and even-pressure, and screen life can be extended due to the full weight of the rollers not having to be carried, if conditions allow. &#42

Slurry separation with one of Cariers units. Demand is on the increase, says the company.

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