Foot-and-mouth still out of control

5 July 2001

Foot-and-mouth still out of control

By FWi staff

MORE than half of Britains farmers believe foot-and-mouth is out of control and two-thirds are still worried about their livestock becoming infected.

A national survey of 1768 farmers shows that 57% of producers dont believe government claims that the disease is under control.

Some 66% of farmers believe their animals were still at risk from foot-and-mouth and a further 13% said they were unsure of the risk.

Jim Williams director of the National Farm Research Unit, which conducted the survey, said farmers were understandably concerned.

Farmers do not believe that the threat of this disease is receding.

He added: Many farmers are still very sceptical about the governments actions in attempting to keep this epidemic under control.

The National Farm Research Unit is part of Precision Prospecting, a market research company that collects data on a range of businesses.

Based in Framlingham, Suffolk, the organisation interviews about 40,000 farmers a year, collecting data on their practices and attitudes.

It has gauged farmers attitudes on the handling of the epidemic since the foot-and-mouth outbreak started in February.


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