Forceful ferment

4 December 1998


Drop of Bells sustains the sucklers

BALANCE poor quality forage rations with additional protein and minerals with self-feed Guardian Suckler Cow liquid, says feed manufacturer FSL Bells.

An intake of 0.5 litres a head a day provides sufficient additional protein, readily available magnesium, protected copper and essential minerals in a self-feed liquid form to sustain sucklers, adds the company.

The liquid is said to help maintain correct blood magnesium levels, while promoting better foraging, maintaining body condition and fertility. Provision of highly degradable protein should also improve rumen function

Guardian Suckler cow liquid is available in 1000 litre deliveries and costs about 30p/litre. Smaller deliveries may be possible, says FSL Bells (0800-374325, fax 01249-700753).

Small pigs get fair share of the feed

MAKE it easier for small pigs to feed with the modified Universal Lean Machine pig feeder, says Newsham Pigs.

Now featuring a simplified mechanism to control feed delivery, the unit is said to be more easily operated by small pigs, compared with conventional models.

The easily operated mechanism is featured in both the 75kg capacity Dumpy feeders – which can be calibrated to feed weaners, growers, finishers and sows with dry or wetted pellets – and the larger 500kg capacity outdoor, dry pellet feeder.

Prices start at £165 (01653-697977, fax 01653-694475).

Forceful ferment

MAXIMISE fermentation of grass and green forage into silage regardless of ensiling conditions with Sil-All 4×4 inoculant from manufacturer Alltech UK.

Approved by UKASTA, Sil-All 4×4 contains lactic acid-producing bacteria and four different sugar releasing enzymes. The company says the first ever use of this new bacteria will aid fermentation even in extremes of temperature and pH.

Sil-All 4×4 is available in liquid or granular form from distributors. Liquid costs about £35 a pack, sufficient to treat 25t at £1.40/t. Granular packs cost £116, sufficient to treat 80t at £1.45/t (01978-660198, fax 01978-661136).

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