Fordyce Maxwell on Orkney farmers

16 February 1998

Fordyce Maxwell on Orkney farmers

ORKNEY farming is the focus of Fordyce Maxwells Notebook in

He attends a meeting of their agricultural discussion society where
gets the impression that John Cameron, of the Scottish Beef Council,
would be
their choice as next president of the Scottish National Farmers

He says Shapinsay farmers are very competitive when it comes to the
quality of their cattle and crops.

He says when every farmer operates virtually the same system, the
must be in management and practical skill. But it can take a keen eye
to spot

Virtually all of the 800 or so Orkney farms, with 60,000 suckler
cows, are
Orkney Gold – a 20p a kilo premium scheme for top quality cattle.

  • The Scotsman 16/02/98 page 20 (Notebook)

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