Foreign newsIndia and Bangladesh grow less jute

28 August 1998

Foreign news

  • India and Bangladesh grow less jute

    INDIA and Bangladesh, the worlds two biggest producers of jute, are harvesting a poor crop this season – which runs from July this year to next June.

    More than 5 million farmers engaged in jute cultivation in the two countries reduced by 30% the land they had committed to the crop for 1998/99 after last years record year when prices slumped.

    Prices of the better grades are expected to rise sharply as a result of the shortage of supply. The Indian jute crop is expected to fall to 7.5m bales of 180kg each from 10.7m bales last year.

    Bangladesh is expected to turn in 5m bales against the 6.5m bales achieved last year.

    There is expected to be a shortage of Bangladeshi jute. European and US factories will see shortages.

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