Four new seed treatments

18 August 2000

Four new seed treatments

FOUR new cereal seed treatments, two based on newly approved active ingredient triticonazole, have been launched by Aventis CropScience.

They join the first broad- spectrum product against take-all, Jockey (fluquinconazole + prochloraz), giving growers a comprehensive range of treatments for wheat and barley, says the firms Rod Ogden.

Premis for wheat and Robust for barley are broad-spectrum products based on triticonazole, which is already well established in Europe, he says. Premis combines it with guazatine to target bunt, fusarium and provide some septoria control. In Robust it is combined with imazalil to control loose smut, leaf stripe, net blotch and fusarium.

Prices are £43/t and £47/t respectively. "Robust gives similar protection as Raxil S, but is superior in terms of fusarium control," says Mr Ogden, who says the market is becoming increasingly segmented.

To cater for growers testing seed and wanting to target diseases relatively cheaply and more specifically the firm has launched two other products.

Ravine, a new formulation of guazatine to replace Panoctine, is a single-purpose disinfectant for all cereals tackling seedling blight and septoria.

Imazalil-based Sphinx, test-marketed last spring, is active against barley leaf stripe and is said to give moderate control of net blotch and brown foot rot. Both cost £39/t.


&#8226 Novel active ingredient in 2.

&#8226 Premis & Ravine for wheat.

&#8226 Robust & Sphinx for barley.

&#8226 Available alongside Jockey.

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