Free posters will show them how you feel

23 August 2002

Free posters will show them how you feel

MARCHING with a mission will be the aim of thousands of people planning to attend the Liberty and Livelihood protest in London on Sun, Sept 22.

To help drive home the key messages that politicians must respect rural rights and the vital contribution farming and the countryside make to the economy, farmers weekly is launching a series of three free posters.

Starting next week our inside back cover will feature the first of three messages for you to cut out and attach to placards to take on the March. The first message: Back Our Farmers, Mr Blair, will be followed on Sept 6 by Save Our Rural Jobs, Mr Blair. And on Sept 13 Hands off Hunting, Mr Blair.

So, if you are planning to add your voice to perhaps hundreds of thousands of others, why not take advantage of our free posters? Its your day to make the capital listen to the countryside, so lets make sure politicians and key opinion formers hear our message clearly.

Although designed to be carried on the March, our posters can also be displayed in car or shop windows, or anywhere their messages can be seen by the public.

You can also download copies of the posters and our car sticker from our web-site (at &#42


&#8226 Coming soon, see Farmlife

&#8226 Back our farmers, Mr Blair – Aug 30.

&#8226 Save our rural jobs, Mr Blair – Sept 6.

&#8226 Hands off hunting, Mr Blair – Sept 13.

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